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    The                                      renovation


A Renovation

Congratulations, you've just taken the first step to investing in one of the most sacred areas of your home. 

An investment that will transform your home and ultimately your way of living.

At Baths by Ravens we understand that transformation adds value not just to your physical space, but to your emotional space too (can we get a Namaste?)'s no wonder you’ll feel like celebrating!

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We are here to start a REVOLUTION
in the RENOVATION industry.

The current cookie cutter model of renovations puts way too much pressure on the client to make all of the decisions. Taking on more work is the last thing our clients need.


What's the latest trend? What's sustainable? What's timeless?


RelaxThat's OUR job. 

More reasons to

a renovation with us...




& Easy

"Renovations not only restore your house, it restores the story of your home."

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